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Who are We?

Association for leadership in Guatemala (ALG)

We are a non-governmental, non-profit organization that works to facilitate the transformation of leaders willing to grow personally and professionally in order to increase their impact in Central America, while promoting a culture of learning in a creative retreat space that facilitates reflection and the collaboration between leaders. We offer different programs and services, among which is the six-month long Diploma in Leadership and Collaboration. We also do trainings in and interventions with Restorative Practices. Thirdly, we have the Traveler Workshop that brings Social Technologies to communities and organizations that wish to learn more about collaborative leadership.
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Our programs are directed to:

// People who are currently in leadership positions in Guatemala or other Central American countries.

// People who are close to assuming leadership positions in Guatemala or other Central American countries.

// We focus mainly on serving the leaders of local NGOs, international NGOs with a presence in the region and grassroots organizations or community groups.

// Private Sector leaders and Social Responsibility entities as well as the Public Sector are welcome to participate.


Our Mission is: To facilitate the transformation of leaders ready for personal and professional growth with the goal of increasing their impact in Central America.


Demonstrated in the recognition of the capacity that all leaders have to be agents of change and the value that they bring to the learning process through their knowledge and experience. This is also shown in the respect for all aspects of diversity.
Demonstrated in the assumption of the the basic commitment of each leader to learn continually and support others in their growth.
Demonstrated in the emphasis that ALG gives to the collaboration among leaders and organizations.
Demonstrated in the search for congruency in what the leader thinks, feels, says and does.
Demonstrated in the intentional practice of open and honest communication that seeks the common good.


The members of the ALG faculty are professionals in whom we trust fully for their ability and integrity. They facilitate high-impact learning sessions, are able to interact and work with a diversity of people. They are our allies in accompanying the transformation and growth of leaders who work for a better world.