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Transforming the relationships between individuals and organizations through Restorative Practices

Restorative Practices are tools to resolve conflicts and restore relationships after they have suffered damage. They are also a wonderful resource for celebrating achievements and strengthening the positive aspects of human interaction. They have the potential to positively influence human behavior and strengthen society. They are applicable in families, schools, organizations and companies, populations harmed in crisis, communities and even prisons, justice systems and governments.

They are considered an emerging social science that studies how to strengthen relationships between individuals as well as social connections within communities. It is important to note that they are inspired by ancestral practices of native peoples and we consider it necessary to honor the fact that we have received this wisdom from them.

About the International Collective of Restorative Practitioners

The society, the organization and the business offer few spaces to learn to communicate, resolve our differences and celebrate our achievements. Every day it is more evident that models of interaction and circular and participative leadership styles are more effective, powerful and even more sustainable. With this in mind, the Association for Leadership in Guatemala has promoted the creation of the Collective of Restorative Practitioners (CIPR), whose mission is:

Transform the relationships between individuals and organizations through Restorative Practices to influence and build a more inclusive, collaborative and equitable society.

What are the objectives of the Collective?

>> Make available to Guatemalans and Latin Americans training in Restorative Practices, as well as accompaniment with Restorative Practices.

>> Strengthen Restorative Practitioners who already have training, offering support, feedback and continuing education.

>> Offer mediation in spaces where the implementation of restorative processes is necessary.

>> Promote the leadership style of integrity, inclusive, participative and respectful that ALG promotes.

ALG has coaches certified by IIRP (International Institute for Restorative Practices) to accompany processes from this methodological line. In addition, the International Collective of Restorative Practitioners calls and gathers practitioners and coaches in high-level Restorative Practices from different countries who wish to share their experience with people in learning processes.

If you want more information on Restorative Practices or how to be part of CIPR, please contact us at info@leadershipguatemala.org