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We offer a six-month Certificate which is guided by a curriculum that integrates technical management and organizational content with leadership models and holistic learning focused on Transformational Leadership. Our program is based on principles of adult learning which is active and collaborative and reinforced with readings and projects of “organizational and personal challenges" so that participating leaders transform what they learn into habits and bring it to the reality of their organizations. The participants receive accompaniment with Mentoring foundations by other members of the Association, who can be former students or collaborating experts.

We also offer development opportunities for graduates of the Diploma in Leadership and Collaboration in the following ways: training, assuming the role of mentor, co-facilitating learning sessions and actively participating in the network of contacts that the Association facilitates to share resources between organizations and leaders.

Summary of an average module of the Association:


-10: 00 to 10:45 Circle of Confidence (45 minutes)
-10: 45 a 11:00 Module Logistics (15 minutes)
-11: 00 to 12:30 1st. Technical Session (1.5 hours)
-12: 30 a 2:00 Lunch and collaboration session (1.5 hours)
-2: 00 to 3:30 2nd Technical Session (1.5 hours)
-3: 30 a 5:00 3ª Technical Session (1.5 hours)
-5: 00 to 6:30 Parallel Accompaniment Practice (1.5 hours)


Optional activity: Movie night or other recreational activity from 7:30 pm onwards.


-6: 30 a 7:00 Meditation Practice
-7: 00 a 8:00 Breakfast and Collaboration Session (1 hour)
-8: 00 to 10:00 4th Technical Session (2 hours)
-10: 00 to 12:00 5th Technical Session (2 hours)
-12: 00 to 1:30 Lunch and Collaboration Session (1.5 hours)
-1: 30 a 3:00 Inspiration Session (1.5 hours)
-3: 00 to 4:30 Closure Circle and farewell of the module from 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. (1.5 hours)

-Total classroom hours in each monthly workshop: 18 hours
-Total attendance hours of the Diploma in six workshops: 108 hours

Module 1

The starting point for the integration of a Leadership community


Consider which is the starting point of the leader and where you want to guide your leadership, using tools of analysis and group reflection in the company of the new community of leaders is being integrated.


Circle of trust | SMART Goals | Internal / External Victory (based on Covey material) | The Art of Leadership and the coach leader. | Methodology to perform accompaniment in pairs. | Theory of Change | Personal Review: My career in leadership Inspiration session

Module 2

Professional relationships in multicultural work


Explore the challenges of professional relationships in multicultural contexts.


Circle of Confidence | Resilience | Professionalism and Responsibility -Interculturality and Leadership | Accompaniment in pairs | Leadership from the Mayan perspective | Organigrams, reflection of the organizational culture | Inspiration Session

Module 3

Communication, a fundamental tool for a leader


Deepen the importance of communication in the exercise of a leadership that inspires confidence.


Circle of trust | Social Intelligence and Biology in Leadership | Transactional Analysis for Leaders | Delegation and Feedback – Practice | Accompaniment in pairs | Sticking Ideas and Elevator Speech | Digital communication, new horizons for organizations | Inspiration Session (Body language)

Module 4

Training and team management


Develop leadership strategies to train and lead work teams capable of contributing to the achievement of organizational objectives.


Circle of Confidence | Conflict Management | Managing up (Managing up) | Building high performance equipment | Accompaniment in pairs | Exhibition, feedback and advice in the speeches of elevator leaders | Detachment, healthy leadership of your team | Inspiration Session

Module 5

Methods and Organizational Tools


Acquire methods and organizational tools that allow greater efficiency in the exercise of Leadership and increase the possibility of success of a project.


Circle of Confidence | Search, request and manage grants | Best practices in Human Resources | Workshop Get organized | Accompaniment in pairs | Bases of Strategic Planning | Pro Action Café | Inspiration Session

Module 6

Closing Retreat: Five Pillars of Transformative Leadership


Explore the leader’s sense of purpose, welcoming challenges and paradoxes while exercising practices that sustain their leadership over time.


Circle of Confidence | First Pillar: We are together in this, Interdependence | Second Pillar: Appreciation of the value of “the other" | Third Pillar: Capacity to sustain tension in life-generating ways | Fourth Pillar: Personal Voice, Personal Power | Fifth Pillar: Create community | Coaching Practice | The Atlas of Experience

Other benefits of our PARTICIPANTS

>> Opportunity to publicize the activities of their organizations in social networks and on the website of the Association with the possibility of publishing articles of their authorship or being interviewed.

>> They will have at least two accompaniment sessions during the year by another member of the network of Leaders that the Association has formed over time. In these sessions, they review the goals of their leadership.

>> They will receive all the materials and resources used in the learning sessions, as well as a book each month.

>> They will receive a diploma at the end of the course supported by the Association for Leadership in Guatemala.

>> After the graduation the leaders are invited to participate in the Annual Seminar for ALG Graduates and in other events as active members in the Association.